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Getting Started is not a cam site per se. It’s kind of like gay chat roulette. Remember that? You get connected to other gay dudes from around the world randomly. You can be connected by either cam or by text. Either way, we all know how this ends up. No one is looking for ‘friends.’ Everyone is looking to beat off, so I’d recommend going with the cam setting. Who wants to sext a dude that you’ve never seen? Basically, that feature is for those creepy dudes that live in their mom’s basement or the odd closeted celebrity. Chances are high that you’ll be chatting with the basement dude. I don’t think Channing Tatum needs a sexting app to get off. I’m pretty sure that if he is in the closet—please please please—he has a whole crew of discrete rent boys on speed dial.

The first step in my journey was to choose my interface: text (bullshit) or cam. After that obvious choice, given that I’m not living in the basement, I then selected “single.” (That’s a lie, but my boyfriend is cool with my part-time “investigative journalism.”). I decided to give both the bullshit text a try, solely to prove myself right, and the video chat. I figured that to get the full experience, I would need to try a bit of both. So I did.

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The text app is wack af guys. Don’t waste your time UNLESS you are into fantasy role play. You could also potentially get a closeted straight dude, but it’s probably a queen that likes to play butch on the internet. However, anything is possible in the land of cybersex chatting. I chatted with a few Moes and was assigned to guys from the US, Spain, Egypt, Russia, etc. As you can imagine, there were often language barriers that posed some issues. As per usual, whenever you are connected to someone in Southeast Asia, you will get some permutation of “me love you long time.” If you’re into that, have at it. However, you cannot choose your favorite regions of the world, but it’s pretty easy to just keep clicking. With language problems and a limp dick, I decided that cam was my way to go.

On the top of the screen, there are links to “video chats” and “sex cams.” I clicked video chat and was instantly transported to a paid cam site. I guess I was a bit buzzed at first because my first thought was, “Wow—this dude is smoking.”. Then, I noticed the common staging area of professional paid cam sites. The one positive aspect was that the boys perk up and pay attention when you get connected. The downside is that they only want you to buy credits for $1.99-$2.99/minute. Basically, they wanted me to pay, but I didn’t have the option of looking through a couple of photos of guys. I had to keep clicking to get to the next guy. After some time, I recognized a dude (hey…it’s my job). just kept taking me to different paid cam models from various sites. I guess they must get a cut of the profits.

I decided to click on “sex cams” to see what would happen. I ended up at the user interface. The interface said, but it was definitely At that point, there was really no need to continue because this isn’t a new and exciting site. This is just some BS gimmick to get you to either paid cam sites or to

Save yourself the time and go directly to your favorite paid cam site or go directly to Why waste spank time, right? Also, the text thing really does suck. This isn’t 1998. Use technology to your advantage.


  • You can sext like it’s 1999.
  • There is kind of a cool fantasy quality to text chatting.


  • The video chat feature sends you to paid cam sites, so there is no actual free video chat
  • The sex cams feature sends you to, but you won’t have the full user experience.
  • The text chat feature is really monotonous and there is a language barrier issue.
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